Much ado about Curry

I have a confession to make. I have just bought (and tasted) curry powder for the very first time.

As a native Texan I grew up with the food and flavors of the South. I have absolutely no regrets about that, in fact I’m working on revisiting some of my favorite dishes from childhood in a new somewhat modern way (stay tuned for that one). However, I love learning about other cultures from around the world especially when that pursuit of knowledge leads to fascinating new food. Thus began my new experiences with Indian spices. I have been a long time fan of the loose-leaf teas of India, but I can honestly admit I have very little (if any) practice cooking traditional Indian food. So I decided to push my intimidation aside and start introducing these new flavors into my cooking and to my husband (who is very brave and honest). I’m dabbling to say the least, with Curry and also Turmeric powders and digging into any Indian cookbook I can get my hands on. Trite as my efforts may be, I hope they will inspire you to try something new.

my orange curry couscous


3 thoughts on “Much ado about Curry

  1. Thanks so much for your encouragement! I love hearing whats on your mind.
    (Mae) that would be a lot of fun! i definitely could use some curry practice.
    (Debi) thank you very much! I’m honored to have you as a reader.
    Thanks for reading, and best of luck to you, my fellow bloggers!

  2. Hi Danielle,
    Welcome to the blogging world. I love this! It’s so YOU. I’m subscribing today.
    Blessings from us all ~

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