Hello my dear readers,

The Linville headquarters will soon be changing locations! It’s hard to believe that it’s been almost 9 months since I said “I do” and stepped into this place we’ve come to call home.  It’s truly been a labor of love  turning our apartment into a place of sanctuary, and now it’s time to do that very same thing again! The hubs and I have been bustling through the to-do lists packing, purging, cleaning, and doing those last-minute paint touch-ups. The trip to Home Depot has really tempted me to paint the new place, or at least finish up those furniture re-models I’ve been putting off. That’s the beauty of starting anew. Everything is fresh and plain and just waiting for me to fill it with inspiration and fun. (Kind of reminds me of those “white box challenges” on Design Star) In true nesting fashion, I have been on the lookout for great new items to bring into our new home. I scored big-time at the amazing CB2, the chic and modern branch of Crate &Barrel. Usually I peruse the CB2 website, using the clean modern lines and bold color as inspiration for my decor, but I am way too thrifty to give in to its designer prices. Well this time I was in for a sweet surprise. I found these charming appetizer plates for $.95/pair! The Chinese take-out box print  immediately made me smile, remembering our wedding favors. My groom and I cleverly crafted our own wedding soundtrack based on a mix of our favorite tunes (which were featured in our wedding) and wrapped them in brightly colored tissue paper and wrapped them in Chinese take-out boxes. So from ring boxes, to Chinese boxes, to cardboard moving boxes, life keeps surprising me..but in the best of ways.

Tell me, how do you find inspiration for your home?



There’s just something about watermelon that loudly announces the start of summer. Think about it, you wouldn’t lug around a container of turnips at the beach, you most likely would not serve cabbage at a picnic, and I don’t think onion slices would be a very tasty poolside snack. When it comes to summertime snacks, watermelon is tops!

But don’t neglect the other guys in the produce aisle, with the turn of the season comes fresh new summer produce. One of the wonderful things about Texas in July (definitely not the humidity) is the colorful array of seasonal produce it offers. Shopping seasonally not only saves your hard-earned cash, but gives you the opportunity to purchase your fruits and vegetables at their peak of freshness. And if you choose to buy local, you can also feel good about the fact that you’re supporting local agriculture and boosting the business of your “neighbors”. Being neighborly is what being a Texan is all about right?!

Here is a list of seasonal produce for the month of July:

Carrots ,
Honeydew Melon,
Mushrooms ,
Onions ,
Summer squash,

*If you’re not a native of the Lone Star State, you can find your states produce calendar on the NRDC website, simply follow this link and enter your state.