sharing is a good thing

Welcome back my dear readers,  I hope your summer was a good one! You may notice that things are a bit different around here at My Life  As a Modern Wife. The upcoming change of season has got me craving some inspiration, and what better way to start than a fresh new look..well sort of. You’ll notice a few changes to the site, including a bio column, an updated (and ever-growing) current “foodie” reading page, and an Archive for quick reference to articles of late. Another thing that I am very pleased to bring you is multiple options to share the featured article. (You may have noticed the icons on the bottom of the entry. Each gives you a different option to print/e-mail/Facebook/Press This etc..) So if you see a recipe you like and want to try it for yourself (kudos to you), simply click the print icon and there you go, portable shopping list! Lastly, I’d like to introduce you to Word Press Tags. (You’ll notice the little filing cabinet icon in the comment section.) Following the Tag link allows you to view all of the articles in that particular category from MLAaMW as well as other Word Press bloggers. As always, I love hearing your feedback so feel free to comment, rate, or “like” anything that catches your fancy and  let me know how I can make your visit enjoyable.

I hope you enjoy the new digs! ~D.