Thoughts and something new

As followers of My Life As a Modern Wife, you have a front row seat in my tiny crawl space of a kitchen. You get an up close look at some of my favorite creations. You see the final product after it has been  brought through a number of processes and are given the opportunity to try it for yourself (I hope you do!). This is usually how the process works… I brainstorm new ideas from several different sources:keeping tabs on each seasons fresh produce, reading tons and tons of cookbooks from different cultures& eating styles, staying current with new trends in gourmet cooking, eating dangerously (you can’t be afraid to try new things, being adventurous really makes life sweeter), learning as much as I can about nutrition, and last but not least, reinventing old recipes that I have previously made and thinking of old standbys in a completely new way. Then once I have the creativity percolating, I will start to experiment. This is the best and sometimes most frustrating part. Sometimes the end result is surprisingly good, and sometimes well..not so good. So then I formulate my new recipe based on the results of said experiment and continue to tweak and adjust it until I am exhausted satisfied with the end result. Then my dear readers, I will graciously share my findings with you. And that is how I do what I do. As I go through this process I am continually reminded that success in the kitchen can be such a fleeting thing. One day the souffle rises and the next it falls flat, one day you create something wonderful and new and the next day you can’t remember how you did it. So I have learned to embrace this natural ebb and flow and also be very grateful when things work out in the end. So all of that to say there is a lot more happening in the “modern kitchen” than you may think. If you would be so brave as to follow me on this,  I will give you a closer look into the everyday happenings of my kitchen and let you in on all the in-between kind of things that you miss out on. Just trust me on this, it’s gonna be fun. Have a Happy Holiday & I’ll see you in the New Year!

PS: Speaking of something new…I have decided to make a resolution (I know, how original) to join the WordPress community Post A Week 2011 challenge. It is a community of bloggers joining together via The Daily Post actively working to improve your reading experience (in a nutshell). I am hoping this next year your in-box (or Google reader etc.) will be filled with weekly snippets of inspiration straight from my kitchen to yours. Why? Because you deserve it. Thanks for reading!