Hello dear readers, please excuse my previous weeks absence I was too busy playing with this little guy!

Meet my nephew, Cohen. He’s pretty cute huh? I sure think so. So as I previously mentioned, the reason for my delinquency this week was that there was simply too much fun going on for me to have my nose stuck in my cookbooks. My sister-in-law Stevie (and 1-year-old nephew Cohen) payed us a very special visit this past week from California and we had a wonderful time! Some of my favorite highlights this past week include girls-only pedicures, a trip to the zoo (shown in the photo above), Linville family dinners, chasing Cohen around his Nana’s living room, and mine & Sam’s first joint diaper change..which turned out to be put on backwards (uh-oh!). Not a bad week eh? I guess you can understand why I didn’t get around to that new recipe (I mean seriously look at those baby blues) hopefully you will find the patience to stay tuned for what I’ve got coming up next. I’ve been working on a new page for the site that I think you might enjoy, I’m doing the last tweaks on the Quinoa crusted-Shrimp recipe, and to top it all off I’m also working on a new series of recipes that bring loving home-made ingenuity right to your pantry. Stay tuned! ~D.