A Message to the Restless

Hello there! So if you’re a local (Texan) as I am, you have most likely been driven inside by the inclement weather for the past few days. For some this is a welcomed vacation, and for others you may be experiencing some extreme restlessness. I guess you can say that I find myself somewhere in between the two. Despite my restlessness, this brief pause in our busy schedules has actually been a very constructive time for me. Being snowed in has opened up new opportunities for me to care for those around me, catch up on work and reading, devote time to future goals, and best of all spend some extra time with my hubs. I will keep this short and sweet, but I’d like to encourage you today to think of these momentary life standstills not as an inconvenience (although really they can be a pain at times), but as opportunities to pause a moment and take time for all those little things that make this crazy life worthwhile. Follow the good advice of my mother-in-law,”don’t forget to feed the birds!”. Really, feed the birds, it’s a great idea. Also, check out the latest poll and cast your vote for your choice of a future blog topic (feel free to pick more than one). Thanks for reading& stay nice and warm! ~D